John Travolta Insists That You Taunt His Children

Photo: Getty Images

"I called my son Jett. And I wanted to call my daughter Qantas, but my wife wouldn't let me." —John Travolta, on how his love of flying affects his family life [Digital Spy]

"I'd get calls saying 'Will you DJ the Martha Stewart Christmas party?'" —Mark Ronson on the downside of being a celebrity D.J. [Times Online]

"I play a booby blonde from New York, so it was a real stretch." —Amy Sacco on her role in the forthcoming animated film Sir Billi: Saving Bessie Boo [NYO]

"My wife is probably hoping, 'Maybe tonight he'll just go to a strip club…'" —Patton Oswalt, whose midlife crisis came in the form of rediscovering Dungeons & Dragons [Wired]

"She'd kill me man. I'm a ******* poof these days." —Happy Mondays' Shaun Ryder, on Amy Winehouse's ability to outdrink him [Guardian]—Hannah Tucker