Mary Louise Parker Astonished by Marijuana's Overwhelming Popularity

Notice the dilated pupils.Photo: Getty Images

"A lot of people must smoke pot or something, because nobody has really objected to it." —Mary Louise Parker expresses surprise that people aren't shocked by her pot-dealing character on Weeds [HR]

"He's like the Van Gogh of presidents — never sold one in his lifetime, but wait!" —Bill Maher on George W. Bush [EW]

"They're drunks, they're drug addicts, they're narcissists, they are backstabbers. It's a terrible group of people. If you're willing to hang around with those people to make your dreams come true, than, yes, show business is for you."—Comedian and Mr. Show alum Paul F. Tompkins [A.V. Club]

"[I] Don't believe there's any difference between a monogamous and a polygamous relationship. Those are all just big words, like 'gymnasium.'" —Gene Simmons on open marriage [TV Guide]

"One of the first calls I made, I made to her, and I haven't heard back from that bitch." —The Office's Rainn "Dwight" Wilson on Jenna "Pam" Fischer, whom he called after they were both nominated for Emmys yesterday [People]
—Hannah Tucker