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Dennis Hopper Would Be Proud

Mitch Epstein's Cocoa Beach I, Florida (1983).Image courtesy of Yancey Richardson Gallery, New York.

As inextricable from youthful folly as they may be, road trips, in the purest sense, are somewhat foreign to New Yorkers — at least to those of us who haven't driven in years. Get in touch with the rest of the country and check out the blissfully nostalgic "Easy Rider: Road Trips through America," opening tomorrow at Yancey Richardson. The exhibit includes works by Lee Friedlander, Allen Ginsberg, Ernst Haas, and Mitch Epstein — who offers this slice of early-eighties American culture as his welcome contribution to the gallery's narrative. We're not entirely sure why those parents let their kids lie around with no pants on, but those old-school RVs are pretty sweet. —Rachel Wolff