Secret J.J. Abrams Movie Finally Has a Title — A Stupid One!

Photo: Courtesy of Unfiction Forums

Update: Apparently this is not the title.

Remember that top-secret monster movie that J.J. Abrams is working on? The one with the carefully planned, totally stealth, barely there marketing campaign? We'd forgive you if you had no idea what we were talking about, since Abrams's entire promotional strategy for the film seemed to be built on subtlety and misdirection — he wouldn't even tell us its title!

Well, today nerds on the Internet turned up these crappy camera-phone pictures of the purported theatrical poster, which apparently reveals the name: Monstrous. You know, because it has a monster in it. (Different nerds later confirmed that Paramount has already registered the Web domain Odd that for a movie with marketing so meticulously understated, they'd pick a title so obvious and clearly thought of in ten minutes.

Movie poster *spoiler maybe?* [Unfiction Forums]

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