Smashing Pumpkins Album Not As Lousy As We Expected!

Photo: Courtesy of Reprise Records

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Smashing Pumpkins, Zeitgeist

Official release date: July 10

The Internet loves it!: "I don’t feel the absence of James [Iha] and D’Arcy [Wretzky] … Zeitgeist is a solid return. It’s highly decent — not great, but better than EVERYBODY IN THE WORLD expected." [Deaf Indie Elephants]

The Internet hates it!: "This album just isn’t good. [Billy Corgan] overdoes the writing and guitar work, and the vocals are forced and weak. Ten years ago this album may have had a chance, but it's not fit for today … Their time has come and gone." [The Music Nazi]

We think: As far as cynical cash-ins go, you could definitely do worse: The guitars are huge, the hooks are sharp (for the most part), and the vocals are as whiny as ever — it certainly sounds like a Smashing Pumpkins record. —Lane Brown