‘So You Think You Can Dance’: All Apologies

Kameron, being consoled by a woman in a silly hat.Courtesy of Fox

“Art should be allowed to make statements,” Nigel proclaimed. But in America we also expect our artists to apologize for doing so shortly thereafter. Which left Mia Michaels super-sorry for wearing unfashionably inverted military insignia and Nigel himself somewhat conflicted on how to backpedal on Wade’s behalf (regarding that antiwar dance) while sticking to his guns. Maybe part of So You Think You Can Dance’s popularity stems from the fact that most dancers are, as a rule, silent. Nothing fascinates us more than people suffering quietly.

Case in point: There’s something terribly gripping about watching four twentysomethings being told they’re unpopular then forcing them to perform alone in the face of a final rejection. But screw-the-verdict virtuosity made Dominic’s break dancing absolutely terrific. Talk about an indifference to Newton’s laws. Our heads spun as much as his did. Anyway, we all knew Kameron was splitsville. For the women, it came down to Lauren and Jaimie with the results underscoring that you’re only as good as your last performance. Lauren, who recently stepped up her game, stayed in the game; Jaimie, who recently bumbled, tumbled. Guest singer Mika’s pogo-and-prance shenanigans reminded us just how talented even the dancers being eliminated are. —Drew Pisarra