‘So You Think You Can Dance’: Why Does Wade Robson Hate America?

Photo: Courtesy of Fox

To date, we’ve seen Jaimie’s toe spurt blood, Lauren’s bruises catalogued, and two contenders rushed to the medics for exhaustion and dehydration. The unsung accomplishment of So You Think You Can Dance is how it fuses two of reality TV’s great traditions: the physical rigors of Survivor with the talent pageantry of American Idol. Mid-season the wear and tear of the show’s highly physical artistry is becoming evident … especially on Kameron. So you think you can dance this week too, old boy? Well, we’re starting to doubt it.

A reshuffling of couples found Dominic and Jaimie butchering the Viennese Waltz, a reborn Lauren rescuing Pasha with help from Shane Sparks’s hellacious hip-hop, Danny outsizzling Lacey in some steamy Latin ballroom, and Neil and Sara churning out the cheese in a disco. Everyone performed Wade Robson’s curious end-the-war solo (which generated serious anger on the SYTYCD boards), but only when Sabra let loose the primal scream midway through his routine did you realize that she was the only one capable of commanding your attention. —Drew Pisarra