Woman Devalues Priceless Painting With Her Cooties

Other, non-defaced Twomblys … we think. Photo: Getty Images

Earlier this week, 30-year-old Sam Rindy was so enthralled by a Cy Twombly painting in an Avignon, France, museum that she kissed it, leaving a red lipstick mark. "This is vandalism, a rape, she has no idea what she has done," said curator Eric Mezil, adding that the artist was pissed off that his piece (previously valued at $2.7 million) was kissed on. "There is very little chance we will be able to restore it.” Rindy was arrested and will appear in court next month. We'll play devil's advocate, though: Considering Twombly's work, a wayward blotch would be no more noticeable on one of his paintings than it would be on a Pollack. —Lori Fradkin

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