The White Stripes and Their One-Note Shtick


During the White Stripes' recent Canadian trek, the band played the “we’re big so we can do whatever we want” card numerous times, putting on “secret” shows at places that shouldn’t have shows. Like the gig on a city bus. Or the gig on the boat. Or the gig in the bowling alley. As the tour wrapped up in St. Johns, Newfoundland, on Monday, word got out that one more “secret” show was going to go down. The masses came, and in this YouTube video of the gig, it’s evident that Newfoundlanders are rejoicing at the prospect of any band playing in the middle of their town, much less Jack and Meg. That's what makes the Stripes' surprise so disappointing. They claimed later that they wanted to play in every province in Canada, and that fans had been warned in advance, but we still think that's an icky thump, indeed. —Michael D. Ayers