Vulture: Your New Source for Conservative Humor

When we heard that Fox News is canceling (or possibly just "retooling") the wretched 1/2 Hour News Hour, their answer to The Daily Show, our first impulse as meta-purveyors of entertainment was to dig up some genuinely funny quips, gags, or jokes about liberals to slake the thirst that Fox could not. We know such humor must exist, but damn if you can find it online without getting lost in a morass of “Bushisms” (the liberal-humor equivalent of the lowly pun). Only Ann Coulter gave us a giggle, with her old quote, "If John Kerry had a dollar for every time he bragged about serving in Vietnam — oh wait, he does." Here, then, is the funniest clip we could find from 1/2 Hour News Hour. —Nick Catucci

Fox’s Right-Wing Alternative to Daily Show Fails [Think Progress]