A Few Words of Advice for David Milch

John From Cincinnati has finally been put out of its misery. We wouldn't put it past the show's small cadre of obsessives to read the cancellation as the Christ-like title character's ascension into heaven and begin praying for their own version of the Rapture (those who posted to JFC's Wikia page are saved; everyone else, vaporized), but we're just glad to be rid of HBO's obnoxious promos. Where did show creator David Milch — of Deadwood, NYPD Blue, and Hill Street Blues fame — go wrong? What must he keep in mind as he moves forward with his next HBO series, about a Vietnam vet turned New York City cop? Keep it dirty! John From Cincinnati had its share of cursing, but the quasi-religious series' single “nut-nudge,” noted online, can't compare to Deadwood's stream of profanity. The above video is a handy compendium. We'd avoid watching it at work (or within 500 yards of a school). —Nick Catucci