Adios, Lonelygirl15

Lonelygirl15 Photo: Getty Images

It seems like only eleven months ago that we found out lonely girl Bree Avery wasn't really a home-schooled video-blogging 16-year-old, but rather the invention of a filmmaking duo from California — and now she's dead. After 260-some Webisodes, Avery was killed by members of The Order, an evil religious cult that needed her rare blood type to survive. Enduring kidnappings, a brainwashing, awkward product placements ("What's that?" "It's Hershey's Ice Breakers gum!"), and clumsy attempts by her male friends to hook up with her, Bree finally succumbed to her long battle with Internet fame on Friday night when she died giving a blood transfusion to a member of The Order. She is survived by friends Daniel and Jonas, and several corporate sponsorships.

LonelyGirl15 Finale
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