‘Beef IV’ Trailer Fails to Satisfy Our Thirst for Snaps

The Tagline: “Motherfuckers are like, fuck you and fuck you.”

The Translation: No, that pretty much sums it up.

The Gist: Every day it seems like there’s another beef in the music world. (Well, maybe not every day.) In the last few years, there’s been so much strife that Eminem went so far as to write a whiny song about it. So why does Beef IV look so lame? Have no genuine celebrities delivered a good snap since Beef III? We assume the trailer’s not scraping the bottom of the DVD’s barrel, and yet the filmmakers are still highlighting L.L. Cool J versus Jamie Foxx, Gucci Mane versus Young Jeezy, and — what is the rap world coming to? — “skateboard beefs.” If V recounts arguments over Rollerblading, we’re totally canceling our subscription. — Nick Catucci