‘The Daily Show’ Now Faker Than Fake

Is that a gun, or is Riggle just happy to see us?Photo: Courtesy of Comedy Central

Yesterday, while taking drags off a cigarette and staring off into the middle distance, we commented on just how whatever we found Rob Riggle's first Daily Show report from Iraq. Last night we watched as Riggle introduced a montage of U.S. soldiers delivering one-liners expressing how they feel about the Iraqi parliament taking a monthlong break — we'll keep an eye on your country while you're on vacation, that sort of thing — and felt our jadedness morph into a sincerely felt mortification. Maybe the lawmakers shouldn't be taking all that time off, but do we need emphasize the antagonism American troops might feel for the Iraqis?

In any case, both our mortification and jadedness melted away when Jon Stewart launched into his softball interview with the greatest presidential candidate of all time, Barack Obama; the mellifluous tones of Obama's voice as he dismissed the shameless media and their pesky engagement with his ideas had us creaming our (proverbial!) jeans. We're not sure what it all means, but last night, the fake news felt faker than fake. —Nick Catucci