American Has Bizarre, Inspiring Talent

We swear we just saw him move his mouth.Photo: Courtesy of NBC

The best show on television isn't Big Love or Meerkat Manor. It's actually a little program called America's Got Talent. Last night, nearly 11 million people tuned in to see Terry Fator take home one meeelion dollars for triumphing in the competition — with a ventriloquist act! How can you not love the fact that a man who impersonated the likes of Tony Bennett and Kermit the Frog — an entertainer, in other words, our great-grandfather might have chuckled to — stole the heart of a nation otherwise predisposed to playing online games and reading books by O.J. Simpson? Mr. Fator, we extend our warmest congratulations to you — and the dummy, too. —Nick Catucci

Ventriloquist Wins NBC's Talent Contest [AP]