Dave Navarro Is Going Places (They’re Just Not Far Enough Away)

"Okay, lips closed, teeth apart, lips closed, teeth apart … damn it!"Photo: Getty Images

The Summer of Love's thirtieth-anniversary season is drawing to a close, and here to drive a nail into its coffin (or perhaps a stud through its nipple) is Dave Navarro. The former Jane's Addiction guitarist and accidental comedian has directed a porn feature, Broken, in cooperation with producer Tera Patrick, who in a press release urges viewers to “Make love, not war!” (Is it okay, we wonder, if they choose a third option?) The movie will feature 19-year-old Sasha Grey, whose Wikipedia page lists her as a “self-proclaimed ‘existentialist,’” which we've always assumed all porn stars were. In any case, we're happy to see onetime reality-show personality Navarro advancing himself. — Nick Catucci

Dave Navarro Teams Up With Evan Seinfeld For Feature-Length Porn Movie [Blabbermouth via Adult Video News]