David Wain's ‘Aisle Six’ Exposes the Hidden World of High-School Plumbing

David Wain’s The Ten opens this week; with ten short films about the Ten Commandments, it's a movie Wain's been preparing for his whole career. Even before he was a member of The State and Stella, Wain was perfecting the art of the pithy comic short. Here’s his first one, Aisle Six (presented in two parts), which marked him as a comic talent to watch as far back as 1991; though a student film, it screened at Sundance and won numerous awards on the festival circuit. Imagine a treacly high-school docudrama about acceptance, cliques, and the secret shames of peer pressure. Now imagine it set in a world where all anyone cares about is plumbing, and the ultimate social crime is to cast a longing glance at a box of electrical supplies. Aisle Six’s caustic take on nostalgia and coming-of-age stories will no doubt feel familiar to fans of Wain’s first feature, 2001’s Wet Hot American Summer. And you’ll also probably recognize some of these faces, including Thomas Lennon, better known today as the most visible cast member of Reno: 911!Bilge Ebiri

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Aisle Six, Part Two: