‘Harold and Kumar 2’ Trailer: The Franchise Gets Heavy, Man

The Tagline: “This time, they're running from the joint.”

The Translation: Harold and Kumar are mistaken for terrorists.

The Verdict: How do you follow up Harold and Kumar Go to White Castle, an improbably charming Cheech and Chong update nourished by a plot no more substantial than a single slider? Apparently, you order up a gut buster of a premise: Our two friends board Flight 420 to Amsterdam, where an old white lady identifies them as terrorists. With only 59 seconds of trailer to go on, it's impossible to say whether this premise works out to be totally fucking stupid. But it does boldly play on one of the franchise's smartest elements: the fact that — played by dudes of Korean (John Cho) and Indian (Kal Penn) descent, respectively — Harold and Kumar are truer to U.S. college students than the rigidly categorized white jocks, geeks, and stoners that usually populate frat-centric comedies. Sons of driven immigrants, they first absorbed American indulgence; now they face American ignorance — and, once again, Neil Patrick Harris. —Nick Catucci