The Mathematics of Jackson Pollock on a Street Corner in Inwood

Mike Saijo’s Pollock Equation (2007).Image courtesy of the artist.

In an impressive display of academic vandalism, uptown artist Mike Saijo created his bigger-than-life piece Pollock Equation from pages torn from an advanced mathematics textbook, atop which Saijo printed a photo of Jackson Pollock in all his wily glory. Saijo, an Inwood resident, leaned his work against the doorway of an abandoned school building on Park Terrace East, not to avoid the Soho street-art clutter but because he wanted something pretty to look at on his way out his front door. The piece made it through the winter and spring before being swiped last month, but, as of Wednesday, a selection of Saijo’s work will be up at the Tompkins Square Library through August 22. —Rachel Wolff