Jason Alexander Would Be Thrilled to Show You His Privates

Jason Alexander, exaggerating. Photo: Getty Images

"Anyone's willing to look at it, I'm willing to show it." Jason Alexander on going nude for a film [NYP]

"I don't want someone who's going to go in there and be, like, bouncing around. I want someone who can bring some depth." Jenna Jameson on the qualities she looks for in the actress who will play her onscreen [MSNBC]

"I ordered a Hummer hybrid." —Noted environmentalist Paris Hilton. Unfortunately, according to a Hummer spokesman, there is no such car. [ Us Weekly]

"Elizabeth is leaving me for Ted Turner." — Author and professor Robert Olen Butler, husband of author Elizabeth Dewberry, in a mass e-mail to his colleagues [NYP]

"With chill-out I suppose I finally found my forte." Michael Caine, whose forthcoming album, Cained, makes him a curator of mellow music, too [Times Online]