Kanye West Not Working Hard Enough at Rivalry with 50 Cent

Kanye West and 50 Cent. Photo: Getty Images

In sad news, Kanye West has turned down 50 Cent's offer to appear on television in a live, presidential-style debate over which rapper has the better forthcoming album (both are supposedly due out September 11). While this certainly would have been awesome, we can't say we ever expected it to actually happen. Why? Because West has shown over and over again that he's completely incapable of holding up his end of a beef.

Previously, 50 has taken credit for Kanye's popularity, accused him of having "feminine ways," and even praised the Bush White House's Hurricane Katrina relief efforts after West criticized the president on an NBC telethon — pretty much everything that could possibly be expected of any reasonable rapper engaged in a totally nonsensical hip-hop feud.

Kanye, on the other hand, has barely responded. "When my albums drops and 50's album drops," he told MTV today, "you're gonna get a lot of good music at the same time." Weak!

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