Karen O Celebrates Christmas in August

Karen O, looking ridiculous at Lollapalooza. Photo: Jackie Butler / Retna

As Yeah Yeah Yeahs's fashion-forward front woman, Karen O has worn some pretty strange outfits in her time (see above). But last night at Webster Hall, the squawky singer scaled new heights of stylistic absurdity as she took the stage dressed as a Christmas tree. Draped in what appeared to be tinsel, she pounded, bounced, and screeched her way through an hour-long set before a picture-snapping sell-out crowd. And, though the band was there in support of their new Is Is EP, they dipped into their back catalog often, most notably with a sweet, extended version of “Maps.”

In the venue's stifling heat, as they tore into Show Your Bones' “Phenomena,” the long, silvery tinsel strands started sticking to O's skin. (It looked rather uncomfortable, so if you're planning on attempting your own icicle-inspired look, you may want to do it where the air-conditioning is a bit more sufficient.) But the singer toughed it out, covering her face and sporting a “Cousin Itt” look during a combustible version of “Gold Lion,” the night's obvious highlight. —Michael D. Ayers