Paul Dergarabedian Watch: Paul D. Feels Bad for Owen Wilson

Photo: Courtesy of IFC

As we're sure you've probably heard by now, actor Owen Wilson was hospitalized on Sunday after attempting to take his own life. Obviously this is a sad story in need of no commentary, apart from everyone's sincere wishes that Wilson gets better soon.

Wait a second … obvious? In need of no commentary? Sounds like a job for Hollywood bean counter Paul Dergarabedian! Paul D. usually only works on Sundays, when he says insipid things to reporters about the box-office results, but he took time out of his standard six-day weekend today to talk to an AP reporter named Sandy Cohen (like the dad from The OC!) about Wilson:

Wilson's public perception is "very positive," industry analyst Paul Dergarabedian of Media By Numbers said Tuesday. "Owen Wilson has a really good reputation and people in general really feel bad for him right now."

Thanks, Paul, enlightening as usual!

Owen Wilson's Film Future Is Likely Fine [AP]