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Paul Dergarabedian Watch: Paul D. Feels Bad for Owen Wilson

Courtesy of IFC

As we're sure you've probably heard by now, actor Owen Wilson was hospitalized on Sunday after attempting to take his own life. Obviously this is a sad story in need of no commentary, apart from everyone's sincere wishes that Wilson gets better soon.

Wait a second … obvious? In need of no commentary? Sounds like a job for Hollywood bean counter Paul Dergarabedian! Paul D. usually only works on Sundays, when he says insipid things to reporters about the box-office results, but he took time out of his standard six-day weekend today to talk to an AP reporter named Sandy Cohen (like the dad from The OC!) about Wilson:

Wilson's public perception is "very positive," industry analyst Paul Dergarabedian of Media By Numbers said Tuesday. "Owen Wilson has a really good reputation and people in general really feel bad for him right now."

Thanks, Paul, enlightening as usual!

Owen Wilson's Film Future Is Likely Fine [AP]