Sending Pop Stars Over There, So We Don't Have to Listen To Them Over Here

Photo: Getty Images

Operation Girl Power: Freedom is on the march on the Spice Girls' official Website where the reformed band has asked fans to vote on which city will host a concert and become "Spice City" for an evening. The winner so far? War-torn Baghdad! [NME]

No Dancing: Gwen Stefani will go ahead with a show in Malaysia scheduled for August 21, in defiance of protests from Muslim student groups enraged over her sexy choreography. [Daily Telegraph]

Not That There's Anything Wrong With That: Brett Ratner deflects criticism of Rush Hour 3's homophobic jokes by receiving a blow job from a transvestite. [Defamer]

Ben Silverman Is Crazy: Ben Silverman makes Isaiah Washington blow out the candles on a cake, then gives him a television show. [EW]

Where Are They Now? The Wonder Years' Winnie Cooper is teaching girls math, Wayne Arnold married a porn star, and Paul Pfeiffer isn't Marilyn Manson, but he still looks kind of creepy. [AOL]

Swede Charity: In a touching tribute to departed director Ingmar Bergman, Swedish pirates have created BergmanBits, where you can download all of his films for free. [TorrentFreak]