‘So You Think You Can Dance’: Secret Elimination

Losers Pasha Kovalev and Lauren GottliebCourtesy of Fox

Since Hollywood is a town full of blabbermouths, So You Think You Can Dance took drastic measures to guarantee the confidentiality of last night’s results: They declared a “lockdown” and kicked out the live audience before announcing the final four. None of the evictees looked that distraught — just lots of thumbs-downs that might have referred to the opening routine (the germ idea for a children’s-theater production of Swamp Thing?) or some terrible camera work that kept cutting from the solo dancer to the posse of drummers. Those edits had a lack of rhythm!

Intentional or not, the empty studio proved an ideal setting for these next-to-last eliminations. As colored lights swirled over empty seats, the sound of three people clapping (the judges? Cat and two cameramen?) echoed in the empty space. The show had gone soap-opera somber. Who would die? Lauren (who shed a real tear) and Pasha (whose smile collapsed). Mary choked up (yet again), and Sabra hugged Neil so hard when he made the cut that we thought, Gosh, maybe people really do care. Danny and Lacey are purportedly in the lead, but after their six on-par solos, you’d have to be as crazed as that krump shtick from Lil C. and his crew to think you know who’s gonna win this thing when the next 10.5 million calls come in. —Drew Pisarra