‘Stardust’ Author Neil Gaiman Answers the Question Every Author Hates to Hear

Gaiman and Claire Danes at the premiere. Photo: Getty Images

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Neil Gaiman's legions of fans are looking forward to today's release of Stardust, based on Gaiman's beloved novella, with a mixture of eagerness and dread. The good news is that even if director Matthew Vaughn totally screwed upStardust, Gaiman has about a million more novels, comics, screenplays, and stories ready for adaptation. Where does the prolific Gaiman come up with his ideas? He answers this question, the most despised of all questions authors get asked every day, in quite a funny essay, originally written in 1997. "Where Do You Get Your Ideas?" is today's Weekend Read.

Where Do You Get Your Ideas? [NeilGaiman.com]