‘The Closer’: Brenda Got Poison Oak!

There goes another viewer's attention span ... Photo: Courtesy of TNT

Another week, another uninspired episode. The poison oak that Brenda picked up at a crime scene might've been the show's most compelling element, beating out a totaled hybrid (so L.A.), Homeland Security bashing, and a tense but essentially random conversation between Brenda and her old paramour, Chief Pope, after he disclosed an affair with this week's vic.

The utter lack of action, either on the police beat or menopausal, engaged, sugar-deprived lady fronts, had us pondering the show's ongoing widespread appeal. We figure that Brenda represents a sort of working-girl Everywoman — if the world were characterized by rule-breaking without consequences, hunky fiancés accommodating her every whim (risking their jobs along the way), and hordes of sensitive male co-workers perfectly in tune with her emotions after she has grody surgery on her lady parts. Keep dreaming, Everywomen. —Sara Cardace