“The New Morons at Fox Proudly Present ‘Futurama’!”

Of all the big, splashy unveilings at Comic-Con this past weekend, we're not ashamed to admit that the one that got us the most excited had nothing to do with Watchmen, or Stardust, or The Dark Knight, or even Superbad. No, we were most excited when we heard that our beloved, once-dead Futurama would be screening its first new footage since the show was canceled. Soon to be resurrected in four straight-to-DVD movies — the first, according to Cinematical, scheduled for November — Futurama was greeted with rowdy cheers by Comic-Con attendees. The show's writing staff seemingly bears no ill will toward the executives at Fox who canceled it, who are accurately depicted in the video as drooling cretins.

Plot Details on the First 'Futurama' Movie! [Cinematical]