‘Trapped in the Closet’ Chapter Seventeen: You're Lucky We Like This Shit

Photo: Courtesy of IFC.com

For the fifth time this week, a brilliant dispatch from the fertile imagination of R. Kelly: Chapter Seventeen of his never-ending hip-hopera Trapped in the Closet is up at IFC.com, and we've asked Kenny Mellman, co-creator of the musical Kenny Mellman + Neal Medlyn = Robert Kelly, to help us decipher it.

Recap: When Sylvester learns that Roxanne and Tina are lesbians, he considers shooting them but decides not to. He and Twan leave the diner.

Mellman: This is shortest episode in the series so far. It seems like Kellz couldn't resist making the lesbian kiss the climax of the last episode but still had a minute left so he made it its own episode. But many priceless things occur within that minute — don't doubt that! Twan's dance around in a circle when he says he's gonna "set it off" is particularly rich. But Sylvester's "You're lucky I like this shit" ranks as one of the best lead-in lines of the series. Or just one of the best lines ever. He decided not to shoot them because he likes lesbians? You won't see that in High School Musical 2!

Trapped in the Closet: Chapter Seventeen [IFC.com]