Tupac Shows Up 50 Cent From Beyond the Grave

Photo: Ernie Paniccioli/Retna

1. 2Pac, "I Get Money Freestyle"
Tupac outraps 50 Cent, despite having been dead for eleven years. [Nah Right]

2. PJ Harvey, "When Under Ether"
A pretty wimpy, non-angsty-though-still-awesome track from Harvey's forthcoming White Chalk. [Deaf Indie Elephants]

3. Foo Fighters, "The Pretender"
Dave Grohl and band turn in a not-bad new single, which has nothing to do with the NBC show. [Forever in Green]

4. Basement Jaxx, "Hip Hip Hoorah!"
A new song every bit as comprehensible as the Dutch expressionist painting that inspired it. [Pitchfork]

5. UGK, "The Game Belongs to Me"
An excellent track from UGK's new album, which leaked ten minutes ago. [Palms Out Sounds]