Week in Review: War — What Is It Good For?

Photo: Getty Images

Looking back on a week in which scores were settled…

50 Cent vs. Kanye West: Kanye wins!

Kanye vs. blogs: Blogs win!

Vulture vs. Lance Bass: We win!

Rob Zombie vs. BitTorrent: BitTorrent wins!

Zac Efron vs. the World: Zac wins!

Vulture vs. Jamie Foxx: We win!

Dog vs. Josh Brolin's nuts: Josh Brolin's nuts win!

The U.S. vs. France: France wins!

Video games vs. Tina Fey's reproductive system: Tina Fey's reproductive system wins!

British lit critic vs. America: America wins!

Vulture vs. the cancellation of Kid Nation: We'd better win, dammit!