50 Cent vs. Kanye West: This Thing Is Pretty Much Over, Right?

Yes, 50, at least you're still taller. Photo: Getty Images

According to record-industry analyst Perez Hilton (who got his info from HITS Daily Double), Kanye West is on track to sell around 700,000 copies of his new album, Graduation, while 50 Cent's Curtis will probably only sell 500,000. It's obviously too early to call, but we'd like to go on record as predicting that Kanye will definitely, absolutely have the No. 1 album in the country next Wednesday (if we're wrong, Vulture promises to stop recording rap albums). It remains to be seen just how big a factor Kenny Chesney's Just Who I Am: Poets & Pirates will be, and some are apparently speculating it could do better than Curtis. Most shocking of all is that there are still more than a million people who buy music on CD — amazing!