Ben Silverman Plans to Devote Himself to Public Service

Photo: Courtesy of 20th Century Fox (Silverman); iStockphoto (flag)

From the (sadly, not online) profile of wunderkind NBC head of programming Ben Silverman, written by Gabriel Snyder, that appears in this month's issue of W magazine:

Silverman isn’t planning to spend the rest of his life at NBC. A donor to such Democratic candidates as Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama, he says he wants to eventually “devote myself to public service.” “I may run for office,” he tosses off with trademark confidence, “but I also think America needs a chief marketing officer.”

Ben Silverman's Career in Public Service: A Timeline

January 30, 2013: Ben Silverman named chief marketing officer of America.
February 3, 2013: America blown up by terrorists.

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