Brett Ratner Creeps Us Out a Little at the ‘Lust, Caution’ Premiere

Brett Ratner at last night's premiere. Photo: Getty Images

Following last night's screening of Ang Lee's NC-17-rated Lust, Caution at the Sunshine Cinema, many of the celebs in the crowd seemed cowed by the intensity, violence, and explicitness of the film's sex scenes. "Any sex scene is very, very challenging, and, um, I cannot imagine how challenging those sex scenes were," Kristin Davis told us. Even the unflappable Edie Falco admitted that shooting sex scenes made her, well, somewhat flappable. You know, they’re all awkward and funny and there’s probably entirely too much giggling," she told us.

Leave it to director Brett Ratner to put Lust, Caution's sex into perspective. Did they make him nervous, or impress him, or make him think about how hard such a scene would be on the actors involved? "I’d get aroused, maybe," Ratner said when asked about filming sex scenes as a director. "I’d be aroused shooting that sex scene." —Bennett Marcus