Clive Owen Multitasks in ‘Shoot 'Em Up’

Things that will not stop Clive Owen from having sex with Monica Bellucci in this NSFW clip from Shoot 'Em Up:

1. His own compunctions about falling in love with a dangerous woman.

2. A crying baby in the room.

3. Eight trained assassins.

Look, we admit it: We had a hard time making ourselves care about Shoot 'Em Up, despite its starring Clive Owen and Paul Giamatti. It just seemed like a stupid action movie, filled with guns, boobs, and explosions. But thanks to this YouTube clip we were pointed to by Ain't It Cool News, we must revise our opinion: Shoot 'Em Up is the stupidest action movie, filled with guns, boobs, and explosions, and it is gonna be awesome.

Annette Kellerman SHOOTs EM UP and says it's like Sex! [AICN]