Dragons in Dunder-Mifflin! Craig Robinson of ‘The Office’ Reveals how Chintzy the ‘Dragon Wars’ Shoot Really Was

Photo: Getty Images

Curious to learn more about generic action movie Dragon Wars, which opens tomorrow, we went straight to one of the Korean import's stars: Craig Robinson, best known as Daryl in the warehouse in The Office (and the sad nightclub bouncer in this summer's Knocked Up), who plays the wisecracking sidekick in Dragon Wars. (Choice line in the trailer: "You said it was big — you didn't say it was something that could swallow a bus!")

Robinson finally answered the crucial question of what the movie's actual title is ("It’s Dragon Wars in the States, and D-War overseas"), and talks a little about the glamour of working on a low-budget production. Unlike most movies in which actors play against digitally-inserted effects, there was no tennis ball, no stick, and no A.D. wearing a costume to help the Robinson react to the dragons. "Imagination and timing," he said. "On this it was all, ‘Action!’ And then just someone yelling, ‘Monster!’"

Robinson also promised that Dragon Wars will offer more wanton destruction of LA than even Transformers, and speculated as to what would happen if the dragons descended upon The Office's Dunder-Mifflin. "Everyone in the office, except for Michael and Dwight, would get out of there," he said. "Michael and Dwight would probably try to reason with them." -Brent Simon

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