Fall-TV Deathwatch: It's Not Looking Good for ‘Cavemen!’

ABC's cavemen hit the Last Chance Saloon. Photo: Courtesy of ABC

ABC's forthcoming Neanderthal sitcom Cavemen has already had its share of problems — the pilot stinks, they've recast one of the lead roles, and even NBC chairman Ben Silverman is talking shit. Now comes word that the show's setting has been moved to San Diego because creators "found it difficult to fake Atlanta in the production based in Los Angeles." Really, how hard could this possibly have been? The producers were bold enough to think they could successfully stretch a 30-second TV ad for car insurance into a half-hour sitcom, and they can't even make an L.A. soundstage look like Atlanta? Wouldn't a T.I. cameo and an exterior shot of the Coca-Cola museum have done the trick? We're just saying.

'Cavemen' Sitcom Evolves for ABC Debut [AP]
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