Fox's Notes On ‘K-Ville’ Make Us Glad Network Execs Are On the Job

K-Ville: More hugging, more learning!Courtesy of Fox

The best part of today's New York Times profile of Fox's new series K-Ville, a cop drama set in post-Katrina New Orleans:

[Fox Entertainment Chairman Peter] Liguori said he hoped “K-Ville” would be “gritty and authentic.” But Fox doesn’t want the show to focus too heavily on the harsher realities. [Show creator Jonathan] Lisco said he had “gotten messages” from the network and the production studio that the stories could not be too negative, something he said he understood “from a marketing standpoint.”

Yes, because we wouldn't want a show set in a devastated city with a murder rate higher than Iraq's to be a downer, would we? Hell no! Although, whatever, the only way we would watch this is if David Simon were in charge.

Cop Show Comes Calling in Battered New Orleans

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