Helen Mirren Still Ready to Get Naked on Film; Vulture Still Ready to Cheer Her On

Photo: Getty Images

Dame Helen Mirren — the Oscar- and Emmy-winning 62-year-old who puts the "sex" back in "sexuagenarian" — has pronounced that she fully intends to bare all on film again, according to reports in newspapers across the pond. "I am a nudist at heart," Mirren says, adding, "I have never said 'never again' to nudity and I am not going to." That's good news for us, as it means there'll soon be another director out there we can pester for stills, as is our right as bloggers. Nigel Cole, director of Calendar Girls, has not returned our calls.

Dame Helen Is 'Nudist at Heart' [thisisnorthscotland.co.uk]
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