‘Into the Wild’: Emile Hirsch's Nude Scene Is Not That Hot

Photo: Courtesy of Paramount Vantage; iStockphoto (package)

Close readers of last week's Observer story declaring this fall the Season of the Wang may remember that Sean Penn's film Into the Wild was one of the taboo-busting movies named that showed off the junk of its male star.

Well, we saw Into the Wild, and aside from finding it quite moving and lovely, we of course wanted to know: How hot is Emile Hirsch's nude scene? And is he, as Ian McKellen reportedly is, "swinging some pipe"?

Sadly, no. Two factors conspire against making Hirsch's nude scene particularly sexy:

1. His character is floating down a presumably chilly river.

2. His character is slowly and agonizingly starving to death, alone and scared in the Alaskan wilderness.

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