Introducing David Edelstein's Blog, The Projectionist

We here at Vulture are pleased to welcome New York's film critic, David Edelstein, back to the blogging world with the launch of the Projectionist today. Already he's written a statement of purpose which promises everything we might hope for from him — witty, outside-the-lines coverage of films past and present, and the opportunity, as Edelstein notes, to digress in a way writing for the magazine doesn't always allow. "I do not always want to use contractions, and I like parentheses," he writes. "You never know where they might lead."

And he's already interacting with his audience! E-mail David your favorite scene of self-performed surgery in a movie and win a year's subscription to New York magazine. (Vulture would like to officially submit that Sergi Lopez sewing his face shut in Pan's Labyrinth was pretty awesome.) You can deliver your entry in person as well tonight if you stop by Brooklyn’s Donna da Vine wine bar, where David will be introducing a special showing of Sideways.

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