Japanese ‘Simpsons’ Voice Actors Replaced; Fans Protest With Photoshop

Not sure why they'd want to bring Alf into this, but okay. Photo: Courtesy of Serzio's Fotolife.

There's trouble brewing in Japan — and for once it has nothing to do with Godzilla. In the Japanese version of The Simpsons Movie, the voice actors who dub the show for television are being replaced by celebrities in an effort to bring in mainstream moviegoers (apparently The Simpsons isn't quite as popular there as it is here). Outraged fans have taken to Photoshop to vent their disapproval, creating pictures, like this one, which succinctly outline their position on the matter. (This site has more.)

We took Spanish in high school, so we don't really know what any of them mean. Still, one thing is clear: No matter who dubs the voices for the Japanese Simpsons Movie, it can't possibly be lamer than the American version.

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