New Chamillionaire Album Leaks, Hip-Hop Police Launch Investigation

Photo: Courtesy of Chamillitary/Universal

Chamillionaire, Ultimate Victory

Official release date: September 18

We think: Chamillionaire's 2005 hit "Ridin'" became the first song in history to sell 3 million ringtones, and his just-leaked second solo album probably has enough hooks (most of them sung by Cham himself) to move at least a million more. The choruses are so catchy it's easy to forget Hakeem Seriki is also one of the most agile lyricists in hip-hop; we've been over this terrain before (haters, bling-related girl problems, etc.), but he's charming enough to keep it entertaining, particularly on "Ultimate Vacation," "Me Breakin Up," single "Hip-Hop Police," and the title track. Victory easily trumps his debut, The Sound of Revenge. One question, though: Why do all of his album titles sound like rejected names for third-tier emo bands?