New Natasha Bedingfield Song Impossible to Purge From Brain

Photo: Getty Images

1. Natasha Bedingfield feat. Sean Kingston, "Love Like This"
Sometimes the only cure for what ails you is scratchy-voiced, cotton-candy-fluffy R&B. Only download this one if you want to spend the next three days smacking yourself in the head trying to forget the hook. [Gelekt!]

2. Drug Rug, "Day I Die"
Drug Rug play the sort of happy-go-lucky garage rock that makes you want to slap them for being so cheery. Good thing the songs are catchy. [MOKB]

3. Mannequin Men, "Dead Kids"
A delightful little slice of lo-fi psych rock. Just like the Doors, if Jim Morrison weren't the most overrated gasbag in rock history. [Pop Tarts]

4. Ham 1, "Clown Shoed Feet"
Ham 1 have the same sort of mumbly acoustic energy as early Beck, and their lyrics are just as stoned-surreal. [Aquarium Drunkard]

5. Bangers & Cash, "Loose"
Another song to strip to from indie rap’s 2 Live Crew. [Discobelle]
—Kyle Anderson