New Poetry Editor at ‘The New Yorker’ Still Hates Your Poetry

From left, Muldoon, , Quinn. Photo: Getty Images, Courtesy of The New Yorker, Patrick McMullan

Motoko Rich reports this morning that Paul Muldoon will replace Alice Quinn as the poetry editor at The New Yorker. We don't know jack about Muldoon, who must surely be excited to land the most prestigious part-time job in poetry, but he has impressive shoes to fill. Quinn was best known for introducing a great deal of poetry in translation into the magazine, for transforming Meghan O'Rourke from a rising young editor to a rising young poet, and for being completely sweet and charming whenever we talked to her about anything.

In other news, Paul Muldoon doesn't want to publish your sestina, either.

Pulitzer Winner to Take Over as New Yorker’s Poetry Editor [NYT]