New Wes Anderson Short Film Features Natalie Portman's Nakedest-Ever Performance

"Okay, but only if this short film isn't made available for free on iTunes." Photo: Courtesy of Fox Searchlight

Hotel Chevalier, the thirteen-minute short film that acts as a prologue to Wes Anderson's The Darjeeling Limited, is now available for free on iTunes. It features a heartbroken Jason Schwartzman holed up in a Paris hotel room trying to forget an ex-lover, played by Natalie Portman. She shows up, disrobes, and the pair has off-camera sex soundtracked by "Where Do You Go (My Lovely)" by sixties folkie Peter Sarstedt (who almost certainly would've been more popular if only his name were easier to spell). Amazingly, Schwartzman — who co-wrote Darjeeling — had absolutely nothing to do with the script for Chevalier.

Hotel Chevalier [iTunes]

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