Not Gangsta: 50 Cent Blames Record Label, Kanye West Runs to Mommy

Smells like someone made a in his diaper. Photo: Getty Images (Kanye, 50 Cent); iStockphoto (Babies)

With his crappy new album Curtis expected to sell 600,000 in its first week — approximately 10 billion fewer copies than Kanye West's vastly superior Graduation — 50 Cent is playing the blame game, accusing Interscope of bungling the record's promotion. "It was the label," he told Hot 97's Angie Martinez yesterday. "They're dropping the ball all over the place. I'll release my next album and then I'm a free agent." Yes, if you thought Curtis was bad, wait till you hear 50's contractual obligation record!

Not to be out-pussied, Kanye trotted out his mother to defend his backstage outburst at Sunday's MTV VMAs, in which the rapper cried about not having won a single award. "He is just competitive by nature," said his mom, Donda West. "He wants to be number one. And as far as many people are concerned, he is." Not at beefing, he's not!

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