Pete Doherty Makes Britney Spears Look Bad

Photo: Getty Images

1. Babyshambles, "French Dog Blues"
While Britney Spears blames her crappy VMAs performance on Sarah Silverman, a broken shoe, and frozen margaritas, a guy with a crack-addicted kitten writes the best rock song we've heard all week — what a world! [Dead Flowers]

2. Bruce Springsteen, "Livin' in the Future"
The Boss imagines a better, more enlightened time when indie-rock bands aren't getting rich ripping off Born to Run. [New Critics]

3. Foo Fighters, "Keep the Car Running" (Arcade Fire cover)
Dave Grohl & Co. tip their hat to an indie-rock band getting rich ripping off Born to Run. [The World Forgot]

4. Nellie McKay, "Identity Theft"
McKay turns in one of the better reggae songs we've heard about the dangers of giving too much personal info to a telemarketer. [City of Angels]

5. Mike Mangione, "You Don't Wanna Leave"
Chuck can rest easy as the world's most indispensable Mangione, but this Milwaukee singer-songwriter is okay too. [Fuel Friends]