Quote Machine, Auteur Edition: Cronenberg, Haggis, Rogen, Tarantino, Gallo Discuss Their Work

Photo: Photos: Getty Images

"I'm hot for 10 minutes, you know? I take it with a grain of salt, but I appreciate it nonetheless. Suddenly people are considering me for scripts that I guarantee you they would not have considered me for before History. If you showed them Spider as my last movie, they would blanch. They'd get very nervous. Because it's an art film with a capital A, and it's low budget." —David Cronenberg on his appeal since the success of A History of Violence [Salon]

"What can I say, I've sort of failed my way upwards really successfully." —Paul Haggis, who worked in TV for 30 years before winning Best Picture Oscars for Million Dollar Baby and Crash [WP]

"But then we saw it and went, 'Cool, they've managed to totally avoid all honest interaction between characters,' which is what we're going for." —Seth Rogen, who feared that his script for Superbad would be too similar to American Pie until he watched the latter [Guardian]

"I'm not Bergman. Why would I want to make a Bergman movie? I'm Quentin. I make Quentin movies. I don't need new genres, or sub-genres, to tell a story." —Quentin Tarantino [Times Online]

"Tell that hack to convince his mother, sister or wife to let me give it to her … and then she can report back to little Frank if she thought [it was fake]." —Vincent Gallo, responding to a Post article by Frank Scheck alleging he used a prosthetic penis in The Brown Bunny [NYP]