Secrets of Simon Pegg's Money Shot Revealed!

Simon Pegg Photo: Getty Images

We were hoping British import Run, Fatboy, Run would give Knocked Up a run for its slacker-romance money. Because Michael Ian Black wrote it! Because it’s stormed the U.K. box office! Because Shaun of the Dead’s Simon Pegg plays the can’t-get-his-shit-together protagonist! Sadly, it disappointed with some cheap laughs (old lady says “prick,” fat guy on scooter) and a stock win-her-back story arc. But there were scenes that had us rolling.

Yes, to answer the Vulture editors' repeated questioning, Hank Azaria does powder his wang, but no, you don't get to see it. So, instead, the award for most unforgettable scene: Shaun of the Dead’s Dylan Moran popping an enormous blister on Pegg’s foot with a nail, squirting a quart of pus all over Moran’s face. We, of course, devoted our ten-second interview with Pegg to the blister. The pus was made of custard, he told us. Was it really satisfying to see it go all over Moran’s face? “Oh, yeah. I videoed it on my phone as it was being shot, and I still have it.” —Elizabeth Cline